Ticket Exchange

The Chester County Chapter Ticket Exchange is back for the 2017 Penn State Football Season. The Ticket Exchange is intended for Penn State alumni, friends and family in Chester County to allow for the resell and/or obtain tickets for the 2017 season.

The Ticket Exchange is solely acting as a contact broker of individuals who wish to re-sell and/or obtain their tickets—the sale/purchase of tickets does not occur online. All transactions occur offline between the seller and buyer.

The Chester County Chapter is not responsible for any issues that may arise out of the transaction and any concerns or issues by the buyer should be addressed to the seller.


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Nov 18


Ticket Count: 1 (Parking Pass)
Post ID: 160
Contact: Diane Ross
Location: West Chester
Email: dmarie207@comcast.net
Phone: 610-331-4156

Green ADA parking pass to be used in paved lot next to East Halls. May also be used to access any yellow lot.

Ticket Count: 4 (WDU 56 plus yellow parking)
Post ID: 178
Contact: Jeff Rohrbeck
Location: Devon PA
Email: J.C.Rohrbeck@ieee.org
Phone: 610-715-2815
Ticket Count: 2 (WB / row 27 / seats 5 and 7)
Post ID: 185
Contact: Rick Reigner
Location: Exton
Email: rreigner4@gmail.com
Phone: 847-802-2970

great seats, easy access to aisle, concession and bathrooms

Ticket Count: 1 (Yellow parking pass )
Post ID: 188
Contact: Mark Walters
Location: Berkeley Springs
Email: 09crewchief@gmail.com
Phone: 3042831842


Ticket Count: 1 (Parking Pass)
Post ID: 192
Contact: Chris Goddard
Location: West Chester
Email: cgoddard25@yahoo.com
Phone: 302-218-3574

Selling a yellow parking pass for Nebraska game for $20. Cheaper than game day rate at PSU ($40).

Ticket Count: 2 (EHU ROW 78)
Post ID: 193
Email: jeffrey.a.spatz@gmail.com
Phone: 5135608054

FACE ($60 EA.)

Ticket Count: 2 (ED/Row T )
Post ID: 195
Contact: Kathy Hume
Location: State College
Email: khume@comcast.net
Phone: 484-354-0874

Two installed seatbacks 20 rows behind the Penn State players bench - great seats! $90 each

Ticket Count: 4 (EF row G seats21,23,25,27 also 2 purple parking passes)
Post ID: 197
Contact: Thomas schreffler
Location: Orwigsburg
Email: sandieeland@gmail.com

These seats are right behind the team. Parking is right across from stadium, on macadam.

Ticket Count: 4 (WHU/51 seats 9,11 &52 seats 13,15)
Post ID: 201
Contact: Carol Sweeney
Location: West Chester
Email: carolsweeneymard@hotmail.com
Phone: 6108887218

yellow parking pass available

Ticket Count: 2 (2 on the 50 yd line EEU row 49 with Seat Backs + Reserved RED Parking)
Post ID: 202
Contact: Bill Jordan
Location: Wyomissing, Pa
Email: jordanwd@comcast.net
Phone: 610 207-2114

Parking - Paved lot 19 rows back from stadium - on the end across from Jordan Center $150 for the Package

Ticket Count: 1 (Preferred BLUE parking pass)
Post ID: 205
Contact: DaveT
Location: King of Prussia / Springfield
Email: thorpe1851@gmail.com
Phone: 610-733-4089

no tickets. Just a preferred BLUE parking pass for PSU vs. Nebraska. I can meet in King of Prussia, Springfield or anywhere in-between or vicinity on Thurs or Fri.

Ticket Count: 4 (Section EF, row G great seats right behind team)
Post ID: 206
Contact: Sandra schreffler
Location: Orwigsburg
Email: sandieeland@gmail.com
Phone: 5703661734

Purple parking pass

Nov 25


There are currently no listings for this game.